Grass Fed Whey Protein

The twist you need to succeed


Stick It To Me.

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The Spark You Need

So long, post-workout crash. Sky's the limit.


You're Gonna Hear Me Roar.

Increases blood flow, endurance & energy.

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Peachy-Keen Lean Machine.

Supports metabolism & athletic performance.

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Watermelon (Sugar-Free) High.

Enhances your hustle. Tastes incredible.

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BCAA + Electrolytes

Helps build muscle, reduce fatigue & rehydrate.

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Workout Fatigue Can Stick it.

Convenient, single-serving packets FTW! Try our new Firecracker flavor

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Good For What Ails Ya.

Fights inflammation. Soothes sore bodies.

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Get After It

For Women. By Women.

Upper Limit™ is here to help you reach your fitness and health goals quicker with supplements designed for women, by women.

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Loved by the Ladies.

All Reviews

This is the BEST pre workout I have ever had. It is the right amount of caffeine I need to get through my workout. The taste is amazing too. I love it!

@Lacy P.

So delicious and TRULY pumps me up for my workouts! I have found that I can add quite a significant amount of time to my strength training after taking this! I will absolutely buy this again!

@Shari F.

It makes me feel so capable and able to finish my harder workouts and come out feeling energetic!

@Camille M.

It helps me with endurance in my workout, there’s no crash, or heart racing nonsense, and the taste is phenomenal. I’ve never had something taste so good in a workout enhancer. I can also use it on rest days. If I am feeling tired and it clears my brain fog and gives me the energy to get through the day with vigor! This is hands down the BEST!

@Melissa S.

I have tried a few pre-workouts and by far this one is the best! I love the flavor and it gives me the right amount of energy I need to get through my workouts! The bonus is too I don’t get itchy like with other pre-workouts and there is no crash! Thank you for making a great product that I feel good using!

@Jenifer L.

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