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Your drink is a whole vibe.

Watermelon. Summer's favorite fruit.

Your personality is bursting with flavor and always willing to lighten up the party. You know how to expertly juggle work and play, and spend a fair amount of time doing both. You’re loved by everyone and just want to have a good time.

Treat your fine-self to this perfectly sweetened, juicy pre-workout drink. Light, refreshing & perfectly balanced.

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Peach Lemonade. A unique duo.

You’re a bit more complex than our other fruit fans. Peach Lemonade lovers have an ultimate sweet side, but also a tangy, catch-you-offguard side, too. Similar to how quick a peach can turn, you’re personality is liable to switch any moment. But, we bet that your sweet moments outweigh your more sour times.

Prep your body & mind for action with this unique pre-workout drink flavor, bursting with surprising complexity.

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Tiger's Blood. A triple threat.

Your friends would describe you as fiercely loyal and energetic. You’re always the one who wants to go out after work or school – even after a long day. You enjoy working out in the morning and have a deep love for animals.

For you, we recommend this exotically fruity combo of strawberry, watermelon & coconut. It's one of our most popular flavors, sure to please even the toughest of taste critics.

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