BCAA/EAA + Electrolytes Benefits

More than just refreshment, find out why this beverage is a game-changer for hydration, endurance, and recovery

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Branched-chain amino acids that aid in building lean muscle


Build vital proteins in the body while optimizing liver function and neurotransmitters in the brain


After hard workouts this amino acid becomes depleted and often needs supplementation to get back to optimal levels to build protein more efficiently.

Coconut water

Aids in hydration. Supports heart health and blood pressure. Extremely beneficial after long exercise


Algae derived mineral source rich in calcium and magnesium. Aids in bone and digestive health


You don't just sweat water, you sweat minerals and replacing them is vital to performance and recovery. Helps trigger muscle contraction and creates fluid balance to reduce post workout crash and aids in effective hydration

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