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How We Came To Be:

We started Upper Limit because we were tired of seeing women forced to consume products that were catered to men and not women’s specific needs.  We’d tried numerous pre-workouts and none of them were the complete package so we whipped up the supplement that we wanted for ourselves and bottled it for everyone to enjoy.  Since the launch of our first flavor, watermelon, in 2019, we’ve added to the arsenal and will continue to develop great tasting products that work for women.  We want to empower women to reach their fitness goals while making products that make life easier in and out of the gym.  

Consistency is key for any long-lasting change so our products have everything you need and none of the crap you don’t.  Our products taste great, provide lasting energy without jitters, itching, or a post workout crash.  You’ll feel motivated and stronger in the gym and you'll recover more quickly and efficiently afterwards.  

We strive to create a positive and empowering environment for all women, regardless of where they are in their journeys, so follow along and let’s enjoy this ride together!  Thanks for being here!  We’re excited to have you!

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